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    Ashley Salter
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    James Paradiso, University of Central Florida
    Sarah Norris, University of Central Florida

    The term copyright is fairly intimidating, as decisions surrounding it imply breaking or upholding a U.S. federal statute. This session, however, is designed to dispel any such trepidation by supplying ample information about license types, fair use, and open educational resources through scenario-based discussions taken from real-life events that have occurred in higher education settings over the span of the last five years. Whether your primary duties involve supporting faculty, teaching students, or managing institutional-level teaching and learning initiatives, the takeaways from this conversation will provide you with a strong enough basis to engage in further dialogue and/or apply core copyright principles/best practices at your institution.

    Ashley Salter
    University of Central Florida

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    James Paradiso
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    Below are the openly-licensed materials I references during the workshop:
    PPT ~ http://bit.ly/2FJ28pI
    Canvas course ~ http://bit.ly/2FR4N3M

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    Victoria Jean-Pierre
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    James Paradiso offers advice regarding copyright and preparing faculty to teach online. See his wonderful video tip: https://vimeo.com/279561307

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