Article: "Ride the Wave of [Quality] Online Teaching With Us"

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      Hello everyone,
      Below is an article I wrote for our March newsletter. Enjoy!

      Last week, Heidi and I attended an excellent workshop hosted by UCF in Orlando entitled “TOPkit Workshop 2018.” Among many other helpful takeaways, one session presented by the UCF Center for Distributed Learning leadership asserted the idea that “online education is constantly compared to face to face education,” yet typically no standard for measuring quality is given and no standard for quality is given that can encompass both environments. We can all agree that “quality” design is essential to both face-to-face teaching and online teaching, yet the two environments require very different methods of presenting the material and they also afford different advantages. While online delivery is affording many of the newest advantages in teaching, there is value in both methods of delivery that must be respected.

      In an EdSurge article published March 15, 2018, entitled “Will Online Ever Conquer Higher Ed?,” senior editor Mr. Young notes several trends in higher education, stating that “college and university enrollment… is steadily climbing its way up to more than a third of the student population- as face-to-face continues to plummet” (Young, 2018). The rate at which online education is growing has accelerated over the past several years, yet it still “suffers from a legacy of suspicion that has made wider adoption challenging.” Many for-profit providers of the past quickly “dumped” their content online in a get-rich scheme, lacking quality design and consistency, that left many students without a true education and with mounds of debt.

      At the conclusion of the EdSurge article, several predications are presented for where the online higher education market saturation will finally plateau: predictions stated are anywhere from 50% to “way beyond 50 percent,” but that some activities or contexts will always need an on-campus home (Young, 2018). As a futurist myself, I would agree that saturation of the online higher education market will plateau at about 85% within the next 10 years or so.

      Rest assured that when you need tools or ideas to move your content to an online or hybrid format, the experts in E-Learning Services are here to help you. We have strategies to combat the myths of online teaching so that both you and your students experience an effective, engaging, and quality course online. Ride the wave of online learning with us and let’s be at the forefront together of the coming changes in higher education.


      Dzinban, C., & Moskal, P. (2018, March 15). UCF digital learning impact evaluation. Presentation at TOPkit Workshop 2018, Orlando, Florida.

      Young, J. R. (2018, March 7). Will online ever conquer higher ed?. EdSurge. Retrieved from

      Amber C. Lee, M.Ed.
      Instructional Designer
      Center for Online Innovation and Production, University of Florida
      PhD Student, Instructional Tech

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