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    Allison Archer
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    The thought of creating an online course for the first time can be daunting. Providing faculty with a planning tool such as a blank Course Map can simplify the task. The UNF ID Team offers this tool as a starting point for course development.

    Completing a Course Map can help to:

    Chunk content into a modular structure
    Plan for multiple means of content delivery to accommodate varied learning styles
    Organize online activities and assessments
    Check for alignment in objectives, instruction, activities, and assessments

    Attached is an example of a blank Course Map document.

    1. Course-Map.docx
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    Michelle Piper
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    This is an excellent resource. Thank you for sharing.

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    Ryan Keith
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    This is a really great idea. I can’t believe I never thought of doing this before, but the course map could be helpful for both faculty and students. I think that just the process of creating the course map would be helpful for solidifying your ideas about organization and progress in the course. Building on this, I could imagine that a visual, “mind map” style course map could help represent sections, subsections, and connections among pages even more clearly. Thanks for the great concept–I’ll have to put this in my next class!

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      Wendy Howard
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      I agree this is a great idea Ryan.
      When I first read Allison’s post I was thinking in terms of designing a new course, but as I read your reply I started thinking this could also be a great tool for updating an older course. I suspect through the process of mapping out the current course organization, one would spot gaps or areas for improvement. This could serve as a catalyst for rethinking or redesigning a course that may have gone stale over time.

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    Katie Profeta
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    Allison –

    Thank you for sharing this resource! We utilize a similar document at Indian River State College when designing and developing online courses. The faculty member/subject matter expert utilizes it primarily. After the instructional designer has evaluated and approved the document, it becomes the blueprint for course development.

    Katie Profeta
    Virtual Campus Technician
    Indian River State College

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    Heidi Schroeder
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    Thanks for sharing! We use a similar course map (attached) organized in a slightly different format. I like your final row – to identify the alignment in the module. I will work to add that into our course map!

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