Online Instructor Checklist of Actions

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    Kip Pygman
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    I recently came across this website and am thrilled that I have. I have enjoyed exploring the rich examples, strategies, and curated resources! Here is a contribution from me as a thank-you to everyone who worked together to create this important and valuable website along with the community member contributions!

    I recently put together a list of actions for our online staff to consider implementing before, during, and after their online course concludes. I oversee an online consortium which exists at the secondary level and have found that our teachers appreciate and respond well to information presented at times in a “checklist” view.

    Kip Pygman
    Illinois Virtual School

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    Amber C. Lee
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    Hello Kip,
    Thank you for sharing the great resource. This could be helpful in our lms foundations course for faculty who are just starting out online and do not have guidance specifically on the delivery of their course through the different phases… I agree, the checklist format is a helpful way to see this information presented, thank you!


    Amber C. Lee, M.Ed.
    Instructional Designer
    Center for Online Innovation and Production, University of Florida
    PhD Student, Instructional Tech

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