Online Proctoring: Lessons Learned & Success Stories

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      Dennis Walpole
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      This presentation is a summary of online proctoring at the University of South Florida in the context of lessons learned and success stories. We cover a range of topics including our history with online proctoring, the pilot / ITN phase, preparation, training, and support strategies for faculty, students, and the institution.

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      Our online program is rolling out Proctorio next academic year. This is a very helpful video! We did many of the same things — we changed our proctoring policy in the academic catalog, piloted several courses to get someone in each department familiar with the tool, and went through the faculty governance channels to get full buy-in. We created guides for faculty and students just as you described. We also sent out e-blasts to students before the courses started to give them a heads up on the requirements and prepare them for it. We put a practice quiz in every course, too, so that the student’s first time in a proctored exam is not on a true assessment.
      We’ve had a great experience with Proctorio so far. The only glitch has been working with external tools, but in the pilot process we were able to workaround this.
      Thanks for sharing!

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      Wendy Howard
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      Thank you so much for your post Dennis!
      I agree with Josh that this video was very helpful, particularly about halfway through starting at the 11:00 minute mark. You truly provided a comprehensive training solution for faculty by setting up the website, offering three different modes of training, and providing tangible things they could immediately use such as the syllabus statement, student checklist, and practice test.

      The email notification was also brilliant. Not only were you able to follow up directly with faculty using the new tool to offer them training and support, but this also provides you with a mailing list for future targeted communications. You may want to check out Michelle Piper’s effective practice related to that at

      Thanks again!

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      Karen Arlington
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      We implemented Smarter Proctoring to help with the internal management of proctored testing. This has reduced many of the manual tasks associated with the implementation of proctored testing. The addition of Smarter Proctoring also meant that we needed to move away from hard copy paper and pencil testing and do more electronic testing instead.

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