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      Shelly Wyatt
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      Including faculty in the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of the professional development curriculum offers them an opportunity to be involved in their own learning process and to truly appreciate the experience.  One of the ways to include faculty in the curriculum design process is to gather information from a diverse representation of faculty during the learning (faculty) analysis.  Suggested survey software includes Survey Monkey, Google Forms, and Qualtrics.  What tool(s) did you use to gather information from your faculty?  What questions did you ask and which questions elicited the most robust and helpful answers?  What advice might you offer to colleagues getting ready to launch their own faculty surveys?

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      Betsy Gilbertson
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      It is important to include faculty feedback as it is vital that we understand the impact of our process in helping faculty with designing, teaching, and evaluating online courses. I utilize Qualtrics as my survey tool as our university has a license. For my workshop I did a pre and post survey of different aspects that would be key to knowing how the sessions helped and what areas the faculty would need more assistance with during and after the workshop.

      The questions in the survey gauged the values faculty held on each of the statements along with their understanding of key components of the online teaching and learning that were covered in the sessions. The questions included asking the faculty how much they value backward design, instructor presence, and the inclusion of resources for students. The questions also asked if the faculty understood best practices, quality standards, universal design, copyright, and collaboration in online learning. These questions helped us know where faculty were at prior to the sessions as well as see how much impact the workshop sessions actually had in the vital areas of learning to design, teach, and evaluate online courses.

      I would ensure that you have the same questions on the post survey as the pre survey. I had tacked on departmental questions that were important for the sessions in general to eliminate the need for faculty take an additional survey. However, it minimized the importance of the initial questions that were vital to seeing faculty progress. It would also be helpful to try and ensure the same amount of faculty take the pre and post surveys so that the data has more of an impact. Lastly, I recommend ensuring that we close the loop and provide feedback to the faculty that participated in the survey to let them know that their input was vital to the process.

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