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      Shelly Wyatt
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      As with development of any effective instructional event or course, the instructional designer must understand his audience.  What are some of the challenges involved in understanding your faculty audience as well as collecting data that will clarify the characteristics of your faculty?  To what degree are your faculty interested in learning about how to develop an effective online course?  How much online experience does your faculty have overall?

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      Charlotte Jones-Roberts
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      Hey Shelly!

      Great questions. I think it’s difficult to generalize one answer to all populations, but this is what I’ve noticed with the faculty who I work with. Keep in mind this is purely anecdotal.

      1) I think one of the biggest difficulties with data on faculty is often the response rate! Faculty are so incredibly busy that they don’t always have time to respond to requests for survey, or not notice a link in a weekly/monthly newsletter. I suppose a possible solution there would be to keep surveys short and succinct while trying also to find a channel through which professors are actually receiving the surveys.

      2) As for the second part of your question, I find that most of my faculty are interested in improving their courses; absolutely! However, time again is a precious commodity and they do not always have the time to invest a hefty number of hours to dedicate to improvement (e.g. converting dozens of Powerpoint lectures to effective, quality, content pages).

      3) Again, I think it’s hard to generalize to all the faculty I work with because some are starting to teach online in 2017, while others have been teaching online since 1997. I think, however, it’s important to emphasize that no matter how much experience anyone has, there’s always room for improvement. 😉

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