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    1.OEM or ODM for power supply adapter is ok for WEHO
    2.This power supply adapter Suitable for all kinds of LED lightings, and moving sign applications.
    3.We have a valid export license for power supply adapter
    4.We have QA and QC inspector for we have a valid export license for power supply adapter
    5. The QA QC inspectors work independently from the production for the power supply adapter
    6.WEHO have a update list of approved suppliers .
    7.Wide working Temperature Range: within -10′ C- +50′ C
    8.Packaging inner box size: 99*97*30mm
    Dc output voltage5V12V15V24V36V48V
    Rated output current14A6A5A3.2A2.1A1.6A
    Output current rage0-14A0-6A0-5A0-3.2A0-2.1A0-1.6A
    Rated Power70W72W75W76.8W75.6W76.8W
    Wave and noise100mVp-p120mVp-p120mVp-p150mVp-p200mVp-p200mVp-p
    Voltage ADJ. range4.5-5.5V10.2-13.8V13.5-18V21.6-28.8V32.4-39.6V43.2-52.8V
    Voltage tolerance±2%±1%±1%±1%±1%±1%
    Line Regulation±0.5%±0.5%±0.5%±0.5%±0.5%±0.5%
    AC input voltage rangeAC85~264V 47~63Hz;120~373VDC
    Input current1.4A/115V 0.85A/230V
    AC INnrush currentCold-start 50A/230V
    Overload proctection110%~150% Potection type: Hiccp mode,recobers automatically after condition recoverd
    Over-voltage protection5.75-6.75V13.8-16.2V18.75-21.75V28.8-33.6V41.4-48.6V55.2-64.8V
    Potection type :Shut down o/p voltage,re-power on to recover
    Setup rise time500ms,30ms/230VAC 500ms,30ms/115VAC at full lod
    Hold up time60ms/230VAC ,12ms/115VAC at full lod
    Withstand voltage I/P-O/P:3.75KVAC,I/P-FG:2KVAC,O/P-FG: 1.25KVAC
    Isolation resistance I/P-O/P,I/P-FG,O/P-FG:100M Ohms/ 500VDC /25°C/70%RH
    Working temperature-30°C~+70°C
    Overall dimension99*97*30mm
    Safety standardsMeet ULGB4943 UL60950 EN60950
    EMC standardsMeet EN55022,EN61000-3-2,EN61000-3-3,EN55024 GB9254 Class B
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