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    C-Series Bus Air Conditioner
    C-Series Bus Air Conditioner is designed for 6 ~ 8m School bus in particular. suit the radian of the bus roof perfectly.
    1 ) Streamline modeling with Ultrathin in shape, which looks beautiful and generous. ≥7mm thickness Composite material high strength shell, along with good characters of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, UV proof and anti-aging. Making the school bus air conditioning systems well protected.
    2 ) 2.1. Product has advantages of reasonable and compact structure. Adopting world class spare parts to make sure Big Cooling Capacity & Reliable Performance.
    2.2. Use ø7mm internal thread copper segment type in heater exchanger, Hydrophilic aluminum coil in evaporator, large inclined angle arrangement in condenser, which can bring high thermal coefficient, high energy efficiency ratio, less refrigerant charging and low fuel consumption.
    2.3. Unit has high\low voltage system, anti-frosting on evaporator and interlock & automatic fault alarm system for excessive\low current, overload\over current, short circuit, etc. We especially refine our fire prevention requirement in every detail section of Units system, which bring our product with more safety and reliability.
    3 ) Automatic control system for digital display, automatic temperature control, automatic fault diagnosis, reliable control and easy to repair and maintenance.
    4 ) Components get tested when prepared for assembling. And Finished Products also get close inspection in lab before shipping to partners and customers. Especial at: electric circuit, air-leakage test.
    No.ModelApplicationEvaporator Air Flow
    (m³/h)External Dimension
    (mm)Cooling Capacity
    Cooling Capacity
    1C013Bus (6m)26001520*1100*17413 Kw
    2C018Bus (8m)32002150x1560x25018 Kwcoach air conditioning manufacturers