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Hector Noriega

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Hector E. Noriega serves as the Director of Student Services for MDC Online out of Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus. He directs operations for all online student services at the college, overseeing the Student Services & Student Support teams that support all MDC students in their online, blended, and remote classes. Committed to diversityequityaccess, and inclusion, his work has established partnerships and built coalitions that have transformed online student services at MDC to provide robust student support and learning experiences and the highest standards of excellence.


Hector is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership at Florida Atlantic University and is working toward completing the program in 2022-2023. He holds bachelor’s degrees in Communications and Psychology from Florida International University and a master’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University.


Born in Queens, NY, he has deep roots and family ties in Puerto Rico—Isla del Encanto (Isle of Enchantment). His parents moved from Puerto Rico to the mainland U.S., the first generation to do so. His father’s career with the U.S. State Department eventually brought his family to Managua, Nicaragua, where Hector spent much of his childhood growing up abroad. He credits this experience with cultivating a wicked case of wanderlust and a fervent interest in travel, a profound appreciation for culture and humanity, and a commitment to becoming a citizen of the world. When he is not working or studying, Hector is a parent to a 12-year-old golden retriever, Scooby, who is not only a very good boy but also one of the best people around.

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