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Started a position in teaching in a Monterrey Tech High School in 1999.   By the time, all the courses at the university were being transformed to Blended.  I’ve been in higher education ever since.


Currently a consultant with an expertise on Higher Education Blended and On Line Programs.  Designs, and manages corporate universities for B2C and B2B clients.


Hired in 2012 as an Online Campus Director at UNID, it became evident that the online operation in a university with 30,000  students had to be unified and structured to work as a whole.  So soon, the Online Campus was writing centralized content for over 800 courses for undergraduate, graduate, and one EdD program. After consolidating a process for that activity, the decision was made I was to direct the Online University (thus becoming COO) as well.  These positions held the responsibility of managing the LMS for the UNID System (with campi in 48 cities, located in 24 States in Mexico).  Installations were planned, deleted, upgraded, designed, and 7 audiences defined.

UNID’s need of expert, certified online faculty, led the Online University Director (a.k.a. “me”) to push further its limits. In charge of teaching one course to an audience of over 11,000 students in face to face programs, our pilot program was held with over 5k students. Continuing the program was easier.  So were the other audiences, my office brought online coverage in blended programs to a full 100% of the university population.  We kept the thrust.

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