Issue 1 | Accessible Content

Tips, Tricks, and Teaching Hacks You Can Use Right Now


How-Tos for Making All Content Accessible

(from UCF's Teaching Online Website)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

Do your faculty know how to ensure that online course materials are accessible by all learners? What resources are available to support their accessible design work?

Resource: Review step-by-step instructions for various file types and use cases

Usage Suggestions

  • Model accessible design in online faculty development materials and make evident to faculty participants

  • Link how-to resources in faculty development materials and on faculty support website(s)

  • Offer hands-on accessibility practice in faculty development programs


The Importance of Creating Accessible Content in the Online Course Environment

(from UCF's Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

Are you sure that all of your online students can access your online content? Do you know why this is imperative? Do you know where to start?

Resource: Consider issues involved in making online courses accessible by all students.

Usage Suggestions

  • Review online course materials for potential access problems

  • Identify materials that can quickly be made accessible
  • Consult with an instructional designer or accessibility expert for help on challenging items

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