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Using OER: What Does Best Practice Look Like?

(from Open Educational Practices in Scotland)
File Under: Foundational Practice

How can we support faculty to explore, use, and create Open Educational Resources (OER) by alleviating barriers such as time and effort?

Resource: Spend a Minute Reviewing Some Best Practices.

Usage Suggestions

  • Encourage faculty to self-assess their ability to share, create, and support others in the use of OER.

  • Identify and discuss issues and challenges that prevent faculty from taking advantage of OER.

  • Share resources about using OER and OER repositories.

  • Ask faculty to think about what they want others to do with their open resources and where they will share them.


Making the Transition to Open

(from Instructure Canvas Learning Network)
File Under: Foundational Practice

Are you interested in adopting or creating Open Educational Resources (OER) in your online courses but don't know where to start?

Resource: Make the Transition to Open

Usage Suggestions

  • When using existing OER, be aware of the licensing permissions for content.

  • Include explicit, measurable outcomes at the beginning of the material.
  • Incorporate formative assessments into the material.

  • Utilize a variety of methods for engaging with learners, e.g., lecture, discussion, problem solving.

Dig Deeper

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Repositories and Resources

UCF-CDL Diigo page with OER resources:
OpenStax Open Textbooks:
OER Commons:
Creative Commons:
University of Minnesota Open Textbook Library:
The Orange Grove Repository:
Lumen Learning Open Courses:


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