Issue 12 | Evaluating Online Course Quality

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Assessing and Developing a Quality Online Course

(from the University of Florida)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

How can you support faculty in their efforts to develop a quality online course?

Resource: Spend a minute viewing UF's Standards and Markers of Excellence.

Usage Suggestions

  • Create and share a rubric that assesses course quality.

  • Help faculty conceptualize and organize course content and structure.

  • Objectively review developed course materials for alignment with standards, goals, and objectives.

  • Evaluate assessments and overall course content and provide critical feedback.


Quality Assurance: Using a Checklist to Make Your Online Course Effective

(from the University of Central Florida)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

How can you effectively and easily assess your online course to ensure quality and success?

Resource: Tune Up Your Course with the Online Course Quick Check.

Usage Suggestions

  • Review your course development plans.

  • Design and evaluate course content (e.g., objectives, activities, assessments) with the peer-review checklist in mind.
  • Reference the Online Course Quick Check before, during, and after course design to continuously evaluate and improve content as needed.

Dig Deeper

Online Professional Learning Quality Checklist from the United States Office of Educational Technology
Direct Link:

Exemplary Course Program Rubric from Blackboard
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Quality on the Line: Benchmarks for Success in Internet-based Distance Education from the Institute for Higher Education Policy
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Open SUNY Quality Review Rubric from SUNY
Direct Link:

Operationalizing Online Course Quality from TOPcast: The Teaching Online Podcast
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Course Quality Certification from Quality Matters
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