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Copyright Made Easy

(from Association of Research Libraries)
File Under: Foundational Practice

How can you support faculty to present materials within the legal parameters of copyright and fair use?

Resource: Help ease common copyright concerns with the Copyright Advisory Network resources.

Usage Suggestions

  • Instill in faculty the importance of following your institution's copyright policies.

  • Share copyright tools with faculty along with an explanation of how they can help them stay within copyright and fair use guidelines.

  • Acknowledge that instructional designers are not copyright experts but tools are available to help faculty navigate the complex world of copyright and fair use rules.


Copyright Responsibilities

(from Copyright Clearance Center)
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How well do you understand copyright and fair use requirements as they relate to your online classes?

Resource: Understand copyright on the college campus in five minutes or less.

Usage Suggestions

  • Evaluate your online course to see if you have posted copyrighted material inappropriately.

  • Apply fair use rules appropriately, considering the four factors detailed by the US Copyright Act.
  • Locate your copyright resources on your campus.

  • Increase your confidence regarding how to share materials ethically within your online classes.

Dig Deeper

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Copyright In Online Courses from the University of Illinois
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