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Constructing Learning Objectives

(from UCF's Center for Distributed Learning)
File Under: Foundational Practice

Are you seeking ways to assist faculty with writing measurable objectives? How can you help them get started and then scaffold them through the process of eventually building well-structured objectives on their own?

Resource: Build structured, measurable objectives with this interactive Objective Builder tool

Usage Suggestions

  • Review and refine existing course objectives using this tool

  • Incorporate this tool into your professional development training for faculty

  • Build sample objectives together with faculty in individual consultations and then provide the tool for them to continue on their own


The Importance of Measurable Learning Objectives

(from UF's Center for Instructional Technology and Training)
File Under: Foundational Practice

Does the thought of writing new course objectives make your head spin? Has anyone expressed concern over the terms "understand" or "know" in your current learning objectives?

Resource: Rethink the way you write learning objectives

Usage Suggestions

  • Reflect upon your current strategies for writing learning objectives

  • Discuss your existing course objectives with an instructional designer
  • Review and refine your course objectives to ensure that they are truly measurable

Dig Deeper


Articulating and Aligning Your Learning Objectives for Better Course Outcomes by UWF's Cindy Mersereau and Dr. Nancy Hastings [Blackboard Collaborate Recording]
Direct Link:

Starting Backward Design from the Middle: Deriving Outcomes from Existing Assignments by UCF's Dr. Kelvin Thompson and Amy Sugar (now at Rollins College)
Direct Link:

Introduction to Bloom's Taxonomy by FAU's Dr. Judy Somers and Mary Rotundo [recording of faculty development session in which groups of faculty apply Bloom's by workshopping the writing of learning objectives]
Direct Link:

All teaching strategies referencing learning objectives (from the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository)
Direct Link:


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