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Authentic Assessment Toolbox

(from Jon Mueller, Naperville College)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

Do your faculty have a vision of "authentic" alternatives to multiple choice tests? How might you help them?

Resource: Dig deep into authentic assessment

Usage Suggestions

  • Share with faculty comparisons between traditional assessments and authentic assessments.

  • Use the "Toolbox" as a discussion starter in consultations with teaching faculty.

  • Identify specific resources from the "Toolbox" that might complement the existing treatment of authentic assessment in your faculty development programs.

  • Adapt workshop scripts from the "Toolbox" to create your own online tutorials or f2f sessions for faculty.


Examples of Authentic Assessment in Online Learning

(from UF's Center for Instructional Technology and Training)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

What do alternatives to multiple choice tests look like online? How might you diversify your assessment strategies?

Resource: Get ideas for online learning assessments

Usage Suggestions

  • Identify learning outcomes for which you've found multiple choice tests to be lacking.

  • Review online authentic assessment examples for possible strategies to try.
  • Read supplemental resources on designing effective authentic assessments.

Dig Deeper


Rethinking Online Assessments by FAU's Willie Freeman and Mary Rotundo is a 34 minute recording of faculty development session in which faculty discuss and apply principles for making assessments more authentic.
Direct Link:

Building Better Writing Assignments by FIU's Sky V. King
Direct Link:

Fostering Growth Mindset To Facilitate Learning is a graduate thesis by Jaclyn Barankin from the University of Toronto related to the connections between fixed/growth mindsets and traditional/authentic assessment strategies
Direct Link:


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