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Encourage An Instructor Presence To Enhance Interactions With Students

(from University of Florida's CITT)
File Under: Foundational Practice

How do you guide your faculty in developing their online teaching persona to enhance instructor presence in the online classroom?

Resource: Which Indicators of Instructor Presence are Important to Students?

Usage Suggestions

  • Share the incentives of instructor presence in the online classroom

  • Encourage an instructor presence to enhance interactions with students

  • Help faculty define a persona to build 'swift trust' with students

  • Instill that online personas express authority, routine and compassion


Beyond Grading: Becoming Present in an Online Course

(from Arizona State University)
File Under: Foundational Practice

How might you improve your online presence and communicate your online teaching persona?

Resource: How Important Is Instructor Presence in an Online Course?

Usage Suggestions

  • Provide prompt feedback which is valued by students

  • Create short video segments to accompany new modules
  • Use yout LMS tool(s) as simple as adding a profile image to deliver instructor presence

  • Use humor (in the right context) to inject the classroom with laughter

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Announcing and Performance Instructor Introduction Video from UCF Professor Katidia Coronado
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