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Design with Mobile in Mind

(from Instructure)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

Are your faculty aware of the differences with online course content on their mobile devices? How might you assist them with design techniques that optimize student experiences on all devices?

Resource: Use a just-in-time design checklist for online course development

Usage Suggestions

  • Survey students on your campus to see how they use mobile devices to access course materials and how often

  • Use some of the examples in this video to show faculty how they can make small adjustments to their own courses that have significant impact on the mobile user

  • Use the accompanying checklist to provide instructors with a formative evaluation regarding mobile design



Online Mobile Course Report

(from UCF's Center for Distributed Learning)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

Have you ever reviewed your online course materials on a smartphone or tablet? Have you noticed the experience is very different compared to a laptop or desktop?

Resource: Get a free online mobile course report

Usage Suggestions

  • Use this tool to review your existing courses for mobile-friendliness

  • Use the suggestions in the tool to make changes to your course
  • Improve your online course delivery to all devices by considering content chunking, file compatibility/formats, and student prompts

  • Share your report with an instructional designer to discuss potential course modifications

  • Review your online courses on multiple mobile platforms (ex: iOS, Android)

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Designing Courses with Mobile in Mind summary of the checklist referred to in the video resource above by UCF's Ryan Seilhamer for Instructure
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Students' Mobile Learning Practices in Higher Education: A Multi-Year Study by UCF's Baiyun Chen, Ryan Seilhamer, Luke Bennett and Sue Bauer
Direct Link:

Course Design with Mobile Learners in Mind by Dr. Vickie S. Cook at University of Illinois, Springfield
Direct Link:

Academic Tech News Article: Meet Your Future Students by Breana Hidalgo at Pasco-Hernando State College
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Mobile Learning Mastery Series is an example of fee based training available through professional organizations such as the Online Learning Consortium.
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Going Mobile with Webcourses@UCF by UCF's Ryan Seilhamer
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