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Encouraging Authentic Assessment

(from University of Central Florida)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

How can you help faculty design authentic learning practices that impact student outcomes?

Resource: Create Effective Online Assessment With Scalable Success Strategies

Usage Suggestions

  • Share the incentives of authentic assessment in the online classroom

  • Encourage authentic assessment to meet course learning objectives

  • Emphasize student learning over control

  • Distinguish cognitive load as it relates to authentic learning

  • Instill authentic assessment as a way to minimize online dishonesty


Becoming Authentic: Using Multiple Choice to Assess Learning

(from Faculty Focus)
File Under: Beyond the Basics

How can you improve authentic learning through the use of multiple choice questions in your assessments?

Resource: Use These 13 Tips for Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions

Usage Suggestions

  • Focus on application rather than memorization

  • Emphasize critical thinking & transfer of knowledge
  • Create clear, scenario-based stem questions

  • Include differentiation between concepts, rather than simple identification

  • Avoid using negative distractors in answer choices

Dig Deeper


Writing Multiple-Choice Questions for Higher-Level Thinking from the Learning Solutions Magazine, Mike Dickinson (2011).
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How to Prepare Better Multiple-Choice Test Items: Guidelines for University Faculty from Brigham Young University Testing Services and the Department of Instructional Science
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Multiple Choice Questions from the University of Texas at Austin, Faculty Innovation Center
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Good, Better, Best: Multiple Choice Exam Construction from Duquesne University, Center for Teaching Excellence
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Constructing Good Items from Authentic Assessment Toolbox [on cognitive load and item construction], J. Mueller
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