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From now until TOPkit launches (February 2017),  you will receive a mailing every two weeks containing bite-sized ideas you can use in your online faculty development. Each message will be formatted much like the following. (We'll also throw in occasional status updates on TOPkit development.)  We'll provide a resource for your faculty development work (One for You) as well as a tip specifically to share with your online faculty members (One to Share), usually complementary of one another.  


Designing Effective Discussion Prompts

(from the Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository)

File Under: Foundational Practice

How effective are the discussion prompts written by your faculty? Do they lead to meaningful student interactions?

Resource: Review practices for creating effective online discussion prompts.

Usage Suggestions

  • Model well-designed prompts in online discussions that are part of institutional faculty development programs

  • Offer "discussion prompt tune-ups" as a service provided to teaching faculty by instructional designers

Structuring Engaging Online Discussions

(from UCF's Faculty Seminars in Online Teaching)

File Under: Foundational Practice

In what ways do you foster high participation/engagement in your online discussions?

Resource: Get ideas for better structuring online discussions.

Usage Suggestions

  • Update discussion instructions and course schedule to reflect integration of strategies such as "the 3R approach"

  • Update discussion scoring rubric to include desirable student actions

  • Partner with a colleague to review your approach to online discussions
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