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    On behalf of the TOPkit Team, we want to invite you to our oh-so-fab TOPkit Workshop 2021 on March 25-26 to occur in a live, virtual format. We have an amazing keynote, Ellen Wagner, top-notch featured speakers, networking, trivia, and a line-up of interactive presentations to inspire your efforts around faculty development.

    You may be interested in the behind-the-scenes efforts. Please take a look at our recent publication to take a peek behind the curtains.

    Miller, R. B., Major, A. E., Bauer, S. A.; Calandrino, T., Paradiso, J. R., & Lloyd, J. (2020, November). Planning a virtual conference: Tips from the TOPkit team. [i]FDLA Journal, 5[/i](4), 1-7. Retrieved December 1, 2020, from [url][/url]

    Let us know what you think.