This section of the Toolkit is intended to provide resources that facilitate discussion and dissemination of research and best practices in online and technology-enhanced learning. These resources can help those investigating and disseminating to design, develop, and improve their professional development programs.

TOPkit Digest

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Organizations and Conferences

This section is devoted to organizations and conferences that are known to promote and disseminate topics related to the use of technology-enhanced education.


This list of journals provides many that are devoted to online and technology-enhanced learning and instruction. These are valuable for those who want to publish their research or examine the works of others in the field.

Publisher websites are provided for some subscription-only journals, although many are accessible through university library websites. Many online journals are also now available through open-access. If you search for a publication outlet, be aware of the audience and distribution of the journal.

Other Resources

This list includes pedagogical resources, non-peer reviewed newsletters, magazines that contain articles related to online learning. The pedagogical resources focus on instructional practices and strategies for online and blended learning. Instructional designers and teaching faculty members can apply these published strategies in their own course design and teaching. They are also valuable resources to be integrated in faculty professional development programs.

About Us

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