Sample Courses

by Sue Bauer, Jessica Tojo, John Raible, Wendy Howard, Ashley Salter, Shelly Wyatt

“Another excellent resource is the “Sample Courses” section of the TOPkit website. There are two versions of the sample development course (10 week version & 5 week light version) that is based on UCF’s IDL6543 professional development course that is used to credential faculty to create and teach blended or completely online courses.” -ADDIE, Revving Up Online Courses Without Getting Off Track


Located below, you will find two downloadable sample course cartridges for an online faculty development course. These sample courses are based on UCF’s IDL6543 Professional Development course used to certify faculty to teach blended or completely online courses at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The content provided is of the same high quality that UCF has used to train its own faculty. These courses are a distillation of the key elements found in IDL6543 that other institutions may use—as is, or modified—to train their own faculty. Each organization has its own unique context and needs, so please consider completing the Decision Guide first to determine the best approach for you.

Course Comparison Chart

Course Title Sample Course Sample Course Lite
Length 10 Weeks 5 Weeks
Facilitation Facilitated Self Paced or Facilitated
Interactions Student-to-Instructor
Optional Interactions embedded
Activities and Assessment   Approximately 80 hours Approximately 40 hours
Pacing 10 Weeks – Sequential Self-Paced/Flexible

Sample Course

Course Preview

A read only version of the sample course is available for you to preview before downloading. Please note that assignments and some of the other course resources will not be accessible until you download and import the course cartridge.

IMS Common Cartridge

Please use the link below to download the course cartridge following these Instructions.

Translated by Dirección de Innovación y Tecnologías para el Aprendizaje (DITA) from Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Sample Course Lite

Course Preview

A read only version of the sample course is available for you to preview before downloading. Please note that assignments and some of the other course resources will not be accessible until you download and import the course cartridge.

IMS Common Cartridge

Please use the link below to download the course cartridge following these Instructions.

Implementation Guide

The courses have been created in the Instructure Canvas learning management system (LMS) and were exported using IMS common cartridge standards so that they may be imported into other systems in addition to Canvas. These digital packages can then be uploaded to each institution’s learning management system and deployed in the manner that best meets the respective institutions’ needs: as a fully facilitated online course, as a self-paced supplement to face-to-face workshops, as the online component of a blended program, etc.

A few tips when using the course cartridges:

  • The course refers to Instructional Designer (ID) Consultations. ID Consultation Checklists are located in the Files area of the course
  • The course refers to a face-to-face showcase, a sample agenda/script for the showcase can be found in the Files area of the course.
  • The course has several “find & replace” content areas where adopters can customize the course title, department, institution and LMS. These replacements are highlighted as follows:
    • <Replace – Course Title>
    • <Replace – Department Name>
    • <Replace – Institution Name>
    • <Replace – Your LMS>
  • It is suggested that the course be checked prior to each delivery for broken content links. This can be done in Canvas using “Validate Links in Content.”
  • The course content has been licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please adhere to the license policy when using the TOPkit Sample Course materials.
TOPKit Sample Course was prepared by the University of Central Florida (UCF). This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (Links to an external site.).


These sample courses are for you!  Please feel free to use the materials as needed.


Bauer, S. & Sugar, A. (2012 April). Professional Development for Preparing Online Faculty. Conference Presenter at USDLA 2012 National Conference, Hilton St. Louis, St. Louis, MO. Retrieved from

Bauer, S., Chen, B., & Sugar, A. Effective Faculty Development through Strategies for Engagement and Satisfaction. EDUCAUSE Review Online, September 2012.


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Sue is an instructional designer with the Center for Distributed Learning at the University of Central Florida. Sue collaborates with faculty to deliver professional development opportunities, apply best practices in course development, and offer consultations and instructional design guidance.  Sue’s special interest areas are project management for instructional designers in higher education, mobile teaching/learning, and MOOCs.

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Education has always been my passion, and after years in the corporate world I joined the Center for Distributed Learning in July 2011 with a diverse background in both corporate training and higher education. In addition to my Doctor of Education degree in Instructional Design & Technology from UCF, I also earned a BA in Mathematics and Secondary Education and an MA in Corporate Communication & Technology from Rollins College. My current research is focused on faculty development, digital learning in STEM disciplines, collaborative online learning and internationalizing the curriculum through technology. I also provide a practitioner’s perspective based on over twenty years of experience in both design and instruction. As the program director of UCF’s iLab, my primary focus is to strategically align, promote, and provide project management support for initiatives that contribute to the lab’s mission to serve as an incubator for the next generation of digital learning by supporting faculty and staff in piloting, refining, and evaluating innovations that positively impact student success at scale. Together with Dr. Tom Cavanagh, I also had the honor of serving as the Co-Principal Investigator on the design, development, and implementation of TOPkit. As you can see on the About Us page this was a huge team effort, and I personally welcome any feedback you may have on ways to improve your experience with this site and community.

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Ashley worked with the Instructional Design team at the Center for Distributed Learning (CDL) as an intern during the summer semester of 2016 while completing her M.A. in Instructional Design and Technology. After successfully completing her internship and M.A. program, Ashley was offered a faculty position as an Instructional Designer. Prior to joining the CDL team, Ashley taught in the K-12 environment in both Orange and Seminole County Public Schools. There, Ashley learned how to advance and apply effective teaching practices. Her research interests include professional development for teaching online, application of emerging technologies, and the use of OER materials.

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I joined the Center for Distributed Learning at UCF as a full-time instructional designer in November 2016.  Before joining CDL, I spent more than 15 years teaching courses in the humanities at several colleges, including DeVry University, Valencia College, and Seminole State College.  I earned a bachelor’s degree in humanities at New College of Florida in 1991 and, four years later, a master’s of liberal studies degree at Rollins College.  In 2013, I received her PhD in Education (Instructional System Design) from UCF.  My research interests include social media and online learning, second language acquisition and immersion through technology, and mobile learning.