Call for Contributions to Publish Your Content

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Invitation to contribute content.

We invite you to share a model, practice, or an approach to faculty development. Your content contribution will be featured on the TOPkit website and promoted through social media. For topic ideas, view examples on Planning, Developing, and Evaluating

How do you contribute content? 

Submit just a 1000-word description of the model/practice/approach on the form below. The TOPkit team may offer suggestions for improvements of your content. After finalization, you will receive an attribution for authoring your TOPkit page. Your contribution should include:

  • Title,
  • Abstract/overview (limit of 150 words),
  • Content (limit of 1000 words),
  • Images (CC0 or public domain images only),
  • Resources/references (limit of 200 words),
  • Tags (e.g., quality, accessibility, training, copyright),  and
  • Meta description (limit of 25 words).

Ready to submit your content?

For an example of the format of a published content page, take a look at the virtual and remote labs page. If you have any questions about authoring a content page, please send an email to If you are ready to submit your idea, complete the Call for Contribution form.