Current TOPkit Digest Issue: "Is Higher Education Ready for Gen Alpha?"

How to Get the Most from TOPkit

The Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit (TOPkit) is a comprehensive resource for those who are responsible for faculty development, including those who develop relationships with faculty to ensure quality online or hybrid courses. Although TOPkit is Florida funded, it has an international reach. The site is organized by a three-step process for planning, developing, and evaluating your program, along with supporting resources. We invite you to explore TOPkit's many resources and participate in upcoming events.


Discover planning guidance so that you may assess your institutional faculty development program portfolio, and offer examples of models from other institutions.

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Sort through an array of implementation resources for faculty development. Checklists, rubrics, tools, techniques, strategies, legal considerations to move your efforts forward in program creation and delivery.

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Uncover resources and tips to assess program quality, along with identifying potential data sources available on your campus.

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Additional Resources

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