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Thank you for your interest in promoting TOPkit. You are executing the mission to empower faculty development professionals. Below you will find posts and images that can be copied and pasted into personal, institutional, or your unit’s social media platforms. Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns.

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Video Tips🎬 @AmberHorizons models active learning strategies in faculty development to encourage faculty to use these strategies in their courses! ✨ #TOPkit tip:
🎬 Communicating your #InstructionalDesign role and responsibilities to #faculty goes along way toward building a collaborative relationship with faculty.✨ Dr. Anchalee Ngampornchai states it best in this #TOPkit tip.
🎬 Copyright is a must have content consideration for #FacultyDevelopment programs!✨Take a look and listen at @paradisojr's #TOPkit tip:
Digest📨 Hot off the press! #TOPkit Digest has arrived. Get your expert tips for enhancing #FacultyDevelopment programs and preparing faculty to teach online.

📨 Which of all the #TOPkit Digests is your favorite? With so many timely, relevant #InstructionalDesign and #Faculty Development topics, choosing a favorite is no easy task.

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Highlights on TOPkit PagesMeeting faculty where they are, this #InstructionalDesign team approach to developing #online masters programs is worth a quick glance. #TOPkit #OnlineLearning 🧪 Do your faculty need support for online labs? Consider building a virtual and remote lab toolbox. #TOPkit #OER #OnlineLabs #VirtualLabs
♿ Do you have plans in place to address accommodation issues as they arise for your online programs? #TOPkit #MicroLearning #VideoConference
TOPkit Events and Features👨🏽‍🏫 Many #highered institutions are transitioning to #onlinelearning during this continued pandemic. Do you have a course or workshop for faculty to learn how to teach and design #online and #blended courses? Download the FREE sample course for #FacultyDevelopment now.
📅 How to shape program(s) for optimal #FacultyDevelopment is unique to each #HigherEd institution. Complete this Faculty Development Decision Guide questionnaire for your unique insights report today.
🌐 Ready to meet and greet some new #DigitalLearning professionals? If you are responsible for any component of faculty development, the Online CoLAB Speed Networking Event if for you! Register for the FREE speed networking event before capacity is reached. Go to to learn more. #TOPkit #FacultyDevelopment #InstructionalDesign #Multimedia #InstructionalTechnologists #Facilitators
TOPkit Workshop🔥 Arise! Empower! Ignite! 🔥 Answer the call to adventure at the #TOPkit Workshop 2022. Uncover new ideas and innovations in faculty development March 1 -3 in a live, virtual format. 🔥 #TOPkit #FacultyDevelopment🔥Ignite your thirst for excellence in #facultydevelopment by attending the live and virtual #TOPkit Workshop 2022, March 1 – 3! Gather with other #InstructionalDesigner and faculty development professionals for a workshop packed with knowledge, networking, and opportunities! 🔥 Register at #TOPkit 🔥🔥 Ignite your call for adventure at the TOPkit Workshop 2022 live, virtual conference on March 1 -3! Form alliances with faculty developers, instructional designers, online learning coordinators, instructional technologists, and multimedia folks. Arise! 🔥🔥Arise, now and register before the February 26, 2022 registration deadline!


TOPkit WorkshopAbout TOPkitArise! Empower! Ignite! at the TOPkit Workshop
TOPkit has empowered professionals who prepare faculty to teach online/hybrid courses and who manage faculty development programs. TOPkit's events bring together these professionals to exchange ideas, insights, and fun throughout the year. The central event is the conference-style, highly interactive TOPkit Workshop. Year after year participants rave about the value of the sessions, networking, and overall feel of the conference.

We are excited about TOPkit Workshop 2022 to occur in a virtual format. Take just a moment to register. This engaging conference will occur on Tuesday, March 1 through Thursday, March 3, 2022.

Consider registering for the Florida Online Innovation Summit, too. This, too, will occur in a virtual format just prior to the TOPkit Workshop on Wednesday, February 23 and Thursday, February 24, 2022.

Both events are FREE to employees of institutions within the Florida College System and the State University System of Florida. A nominal fee is charged to registrants employed beyond those systems. All are most certainly welcomed!
Empowering professionals who are responsible for faculty development, the Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit (TOPkit) is a comprehensive, openly-licensed resource that enhances the quality of online/blended education. Although TOPkit is Florida-funded, it has an international reach.

TOPkit is designed to provide you the tools to enhance your practice of either preparing faculty to teach online or managing faculty development programs. It is designed to engage you in the three-step process of planning, developing, and evaluating your programs. Its supporting resources empowers you to put this process into action.

We invite you to explore TOPkit's many resources and participate in upcoming events. Features of TOPkit include our:

  • Annual, conference-style TOPkit Workshop

  • Online CoLAB speed networking events

  • Faculty Development Decision Guide for program planning

  • Sample faculty development courses to adopt or adapt

  • Rubrics to ensure quality online courses and programs

  • Advice column (Ask ADDIE) covering faculty development dilemmas you submit

  • Community of practice to share or find a faculty development resources

  • Trends and best practices from the TOPkit Digest delivered to your inbox monthly

And much more.
This year TOPkit Workshop will be fantastic! Our theme for the TOPkit Workshop 2021 to occur on Tuesday, March 1 through Thursday, March 3 in a live virtual format is "Arise! Empower! Ignite!" Register now before capacity is reached. It is all about expanding the use of emerging learning technologies, sharing design/development practices that work, fostering innovations to support faculty development efforts.

We have quite the line up of interactive sessions and networking, which will enhance your faculty development practice. Our keynote is J. Garvey Pyke, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning School of Professional Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. True to form, Dr. Pyke will engage and inspire us with insights into online teaching and learning. Our four featured speakers are teaching and learning specialists, Margene Anderson and Bridget Powell, with course design and curriculum, Patsy Moskal with faculty research of teaching effectiveness, and the infamous Chuck Dziuban who will blow our minds with data-informed insights into faculty development in digital learning.

Register now before capacity is reached. It is all about expanding the use of emerging learning technologies, sharing design/development practices that work, fostering innovations to support faculty development efforts.

With a plethora of networking opportunities, top-notch sessions, and so many practical, golden nuggets of faculty development insight, you won't want to miss this highly interactive conference. Thanks to our highly respected TOPkit Workshop Chair, Willie Freeman, Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at the University of Central Florida and the amazing TOPkit team, this virtual TOPkit Workshop will be a blast!

The TOPkit Workshop is the central annual event of the Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit (TOPkit). TOPkit is a comprehensive, openly-licensed resource that empowers those who prepare faculty to teach online/hybrid courses and who manage faculty development programs.