Tools, Techniques, & Strategies

At this point in the process of creating professional development for teaching online, the “planning” stage has taken place. A faculty development model has been envisioned and articulated, and the overarching decisions have been made. The next stage involves turning that vision into reality, in which the model and the decisions selected in the planning stage become realized.

This section targets design and development strategies by exploring the tools, techniques, and strategies that have been shown to promote effective development regardless of the modality in which it will ultimately take place.

Five main recommendations are proposed in this section:

  1. Provide incentives for faculty participation
  2. Include faculty in the analysis, design, implementation, and review of the curriculum
  3. Use techniques that complement the adult learner
  4. Provide instruction in the required technologies
  5. Foster continuous improvement through ongoing assessment

The objective of this section is to share a diverse array of options within these five main recommendations that you can peruse. These options will relate to the overall faculty development model which best fits your particular needs, along with logistical factors.

Sample Course

Note that these strategies are related to faculty development. For online teaching strategies that can be shared with faculty, please visit Online Course Dynamics.