TOPkit Workshop 2024

Welcome Message

Welcome to TOPkit Workshop 2024! Our theme this year continues our 2023 exploration of the wonders in Florida, but with an institutional focus.

TOPkit Workshop empowers those who manage faculty development or prepare faculty to teach online with practical tools and strategies to enhance their vocation. As online learning practices and technologies emerge and evolve, we unite to collaborate to build an even better future for online learning. Together, we will elevate the educational experience and transform the possibilities for all. Join us for TOPkit Workshop 2024!

Workshop will be March 27, 28, 29, 2024 from 12:50 PM – 4:30 PM ET each day on WebEx Events (formerly Socio).

Important Dates for TOPkit Workshop 2024

Workshop Registration ClosesMarch 26, 2024
TOPkit Workshop 2024March 27-29, 2024

Kevin Corcoran, TOPkit 2024 Workshop Chair

Kevin Corcoran is the Assistant Vice Provost of the Center for Distributed Learning at UCF. Kevin has over 25 years of experience in the development and support of strategies for the effective use of digital learning tools and content that focuses on quality standards and practices, student engagement, accessibility, and affordability. Kevin has supported system, state, and national open education efforts over the past decade, including chairing the statewide Connecticut OER Coordinating Council and the DOERS3 collaborative.

Opening Panelists – “The Future of ID Work and Faculty Development”

Page Jerzak
Santa Fe College
Tina Parscal
Colorado Community Colleges Online
Maikel Right
Florida International University

Sid Dobrin – Keynote Speaker

Sid Dobrin, Chair of the University of Florida’s English department, has become one of the world’s most sought-after academic experts on Generative AI, with over 40 talks worldwide this year. He is the Founding Director of the Trace Innovation Initiative at UF and has been named a Digital Thought Leader by Adobe. He serves as a member of the Florida Institute for National Security, part of the University of Florida’s AI Initiative. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles, including Talking about Generative AI: A Guide for Educators, AI and Writing, and the forthcoming collection AI and the Humanities. His current research project examines enduring questions motivated by AI.

“Generative AI in the Classroom.”
When OpenAI introduced ChatGPT in November 2022, teachers around the world were suddenly facing a technology that challenges the ways in which we have been teaching for the last eighty or more years. ChatGPT, a Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) chatbot that can produce seemingly original writing in just about any form requested, unquestionably disrupted higher education in general and writing instruction specifically in ways not before encountered in higher education. Yet, ChatGPT is only one of the thousands of applications that are available to students, teachers, and researchers that may rewrite how we approach education. The media explosion about how AI can be used to generate a range of content across platforms has sparked a good deal of confusion about GenAI’s capabilities and its place in higher education. This presentation is designed to demystify what GenAI is and how it can be deployed ethically and responsibly in higher education.

Karen Cangialosi, Student Panel Moderator

Karen Cangialosi joined Every Learner Everywhere in June 2023. As a dedicated Professor of Biology and student advocate for many years, Karen found her way to Open Education which she sees as especially powerful for helping to bring about what she sees as much needed larger-scale change in higher education. She has gained national recognition for leadership in Open Education, STEM education, faculty development, innovative and digital pedagogies, and authentic student-centered learning and she brings these experiences and perspectives to help shape networking for numerous communities. 

Workshop Sessions (Subject to Change)

Day 1 Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Date/Time Session Format 
12:50 – 01:00 PM ET   Orientation  
01:00 – 01:10 PM ET TOPkit Workshop Committee Welcome 
01:10 – 01:15 PM ET  TOPkit Chair Welcome  
01:15 – 02:00 PM ET Panel Presentation:

The Future of ID Work and Faculty Development
Moderator: Kevin Corcoran, University of Central Florida

Panelists: Page Jerzak, Santa Fe College, Whitney Kilgore, iDesign, Tina Parscal, Colorado Community Colleges Online, Maikel Right, Florida International University
02:05 – 02:50 PM ET Lightning Sessions  1.1:

Navigating accessibility guidelines and best practices in STEM courses – Math notations, scientific expressions and beyond
(Developing), Baiyun Chen, Kylee Woodland, Tian Tian, and Roslyn Miller, University of Central Florida

Empowering Minds and Embracing Diversity: The Path to Culturally Responsible Education
(Developing), Stacy Muse, Meredith College

Q&A with Sue Bauer

Lightning Sessions  1.2:

Creating and Sustaining an Online Faculty Community for Technology Pilots
(Developing), Aimee Denoyelles & Nicole Stahl, University of Central Florida

Utilizing Process Reflection Assignments for Metacognition and Academic Integrity
(Developing), Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Nova Southeastern University

Demystifying the Modalities
(Planning), Susan Jardaneh, Charlotte Jones-Roberts, Karen Tinsley-Kim, University of Central Florida
03:00 – 03:45 PM ET  Concurrent Workshop Session 1.1: Best in Track 

Teaching with an AI Tutor
(Developing), Justin Greathouse, Lake Sumter State College

Concurrent Workshop Session 1.2: 

Integrating Generative AI into Your Backward Course Design (Developing), Sharon Braveheart, North Florida College

Concurrent Workshop Session 1.3: 

Automagical Outlines: Conjuring Course Structures with AI (Developing), JeVaughn Lancaster, Lynn University

Concurrent Workshop Session 1.4:
Advancing Hybrid and Online Education: Strategies from UArizona’s Faculty Learning Communities
(Developing), Sarah Grace, University of Arizona Online
4:00 – 4:30 PM ET Concurrent Lightning Session 1.3:

Agile to Anchored: An Evolving Approach to Collegewide Training for AI (Planning), Anna Haney-Withrow, Florida Southwestern State College

A Pressbooks Tool for Incorporating Sustainability across the Curriculum
(Developing), Richard Plate, Devon Cadwell Bazata, Jim Paradiso, Martha Hubertz, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Lightning Session 1.4:

High Impact Practices: Awareness and Strategical Design
(Planning), Patricia Farless, Martha Hubertz, University of Central Florida

Digging into Yellowdig: Rethinking Evaluating Online Discussions (Evaluating), Susan Jardaneh, Alicia Janowsky, Martha Hubertz, University of Central Florida
4:30 PM ET Day 1 Wrap-up Tomorrow Overview/Reflection 

Day 2 Thursday, March 28, 2024

Date/TimeSession Format 
12:50 – 01:00 PM ET Meet & Greet 
1:00 – 1:10 PM ETDay 2 Welcome – Trivia
01:10 – 01:55 PM ET Concurrent Workshop Session 2.1: Best in Track
Bite by Bite: Feeding an Instructor’s Appetite for Improvement Through Micro-Learning
(Developing), Melony Shemberger, Murray State University

Concurrent Workshop Session 2.2: 

Developing a Textbook Affordability Program
(Planning), Lily Dubach, Wendy Howard, Rebecca McNulty, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Workshop Session:

SMEs and Designers Unite: A Playbook for Seamless Collaboration in Content Creation
(Developing), Stefani Nixon, University of Florida
02:00 – 02:45 PM ET Concurrent Workshop Sessions 2.5:

Using AI to Generate Captions and Transcripts: The Required Human Element to Polish ADA-Compliant Gems
(Developing), Karen Tinsley-Kim, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Workshop Sessions 2.6:

Breaking Barriers with Meaningful Integration of Courseware (Developing), Ryan Luke, Riccardo Purita, Karen Vignare, University of Louisville

Concurrent Workshop Sessions 2.7:

The Secret to my Success? Your Success!
(Developing), Judy Somers, Florida Atlantic University

Concurrent Workshop Sessions 2.8:

Crafting Engagement: 6 Winning Online Course Design Strategies, (Developing), Sanghoon Park, Christie Nicholas, University of South Florida
03:00 – 03:45 PM ET Concurrent Workshop Session 2.9: Best in Track

AI Potluck: Share Something with the Table
(Evaluating), Rebecca McNulty, Charlotte Jones-Roberts, Grace Kaletsky-Maisel, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Workshop Session 2.10:

Connecting Minds Across Oceans: Building a Virtual Community of Practice among US and Irish Educators
(Planning), Olysha Magruder, Johns Hopkins University, & Yvonne Crotty, Margaret Farren

Concurrent Workshop Session 2.11:  

Can you see me now? Effective Teaching Practices with Livestreaming
(Developing), Martha Hubertz, Martha Brenkle & Florence Williams University of Central Florida
4:00 – 4:30 PM ETConcurrent Lightning Session 2.1:

(2, 15-minute back-to-back Sessions)

Let’s Talk About Digital Accessibility
(Developing), Amy Sugar and Nancy Swenson, University of Central Florida

The Yellow Brick Road of Change Management in Faculty Development and Instructional Design
(Developing), Stephanie Tadal, Laura Fothergill, Jessica Campusano, Florida International University
04:30 – 4:30 PM ET Day 2 Wrap-up Overview/QA 

Day 3 Friday, March 29, 2024

Date/Time Session Format 
12:50 – 01:00 PM ET Meet & Greet 
1:00 – 01:05 PM ET Introduction to Day 3 and Keynote
01:05 – 01:55 PM ET Keynote Speaker: “Generative AI in the Classroom
Sid Dobrin, University of Florida
01:55 – 02:00 PM5 Minute Transition
02:00 – 02:45 PM ET Concurrent Workshop Session 3.1: Best in Track
The Implementation of an Online Course Quality Assurance Plan (OCQAP)
(Planning), Laura Osgood, Florida Southwestern State College

Concurrent Workshop Session 3.2: 

Math Accessibility – Math as a Language
(Developing), Melissa Rizzuto, Sarah Shunkwiler, Katie Springer, Johns Hopkins University

Concurrent Workshop Session 3.3: 

Adding Games to Increase Engagement
(Planning), *Digest, Debra Luken, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Workshop Session 3.4:

Digital Badges/Micro Credentialing
(Evaluating), Beth Nettles, Amanda Major, University of Central Florida

Concurrent Workshop Session: 

Nurturing Minds: Mental Health and Self-Care for Educators
(Developing), Florence Williams, University of Central Florida & Diana Ruggiero, University of Memphis
03:00 – 03:50 PM ET Special Session:

Student Panel on Equitable Digital Learning
Karen Cangliosi, Every Learner Everywhere, Moderator
03:50 – 04:30 PM ET Day 3 Reflection & Closing 

TOPkit Workshop 2024 Theme

At the last TOPkit Outreach Campaign session, our ice breaker activity asked participants to share their local Florida gems with the group. Attendees could share a local park, museum, landmark, restaurant, or whatever they felt was their local gem. This fun activity sparked the theme for TOPkit Workshop 2024! We want each of you to share your local institutional gems! What are you most proud of? Accessibility best practices? Artificial Intelligence initiatives? Rubrics? Quality? Attend this year’s workshop to discover our professional development gems!

TOPkit Workshop empowers those who manage faculty development or prepare faculty to teach online with practical tools and strategies to enhance their vocation. Participants will enjoy the workshop as a live virtual event. Join us as we engage in informative sessions about planning, developing, or evaluating faculty development programs as well as networking and fun.

The TOPkit Workshop provides half days full of professional development resources and networking opportunities.

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