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TOPKit aims at offering adoptable and adaptable guidance and resources to those responsible for faculty development or those who guide faculty to teach online or hybrid courses. As such, we are always looking for novel ways to enhance the practices of those collaborating with faculty to ensure effective online and hybrid courses. To this purpose, we invite you to join us by sharing a model, practice, or an approach to professional development. Your contribution can be a part of the TOPkit website!

When to submit?

Now through April 20, 2019.

What to Submit?

A 1000-word description of the model/practice/approach. Your contribution should include:

  • Title
  • Abstract/Overview (limit of 150 words)
  • Content (limit of 1000 words)
  • Images (CC0 or public domain images only)
  • Resources/References (limit of 200 words)
  • Tags (e.g., quality, accessibility, training, copyright)
  • Meta description (limit of 25 words)

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