FLVC-IDN “Open Mic” Webinar

The goal of this event is to offer the IDN community members and friends a platform and forum where they can ask questions; share what they are working on; learn effective practices and experience on some critical issues or trends in the field of instructional design, instructional/learning technology, accessibility, OER, quality assurance as well as teaching and learning excellence.

Hot Topics in Online Teaching & Learning

Online teaching and learning continue to grow, and have proven to be important tools in extending access and equity. How do we ensure the highest quality of online teaching, learning, and support? Join two Frontier Set professionals steeped in this work – Flower Darby, Senior Instructional Designer, E-Learning Center, NAU, and Patricia Delgado, Assistant Director, Online and Hybrid Teaching and Learning, FIU – for an interactive discussion about practices and policies in the field.

Description: Online teaching and learning (encompassing wholly online, hybrid, and augmented face-to-face courses) may ‘live’ in different places on different campuses, but the overall goals and challenges align and – if done well – can serve to address access and equity issues. Join two Frontier Set professionals steeped in this work for an interactive discussion about practices and policies in the field. Following brief introductory comments, the audience will be polled for which sub-topic(s) to delve into:

Topic 1: Organizational Roles/Structure: How can/do your various faculty
support units collaborate across the university?

Topic 2: Expectations for online teaching: policy, pedagogy, training,
requirements . . .

Topic 3: Templates or ‘Master Shells’ for courses:
provided/recommended/required? Issues?

Topic 4: Equity & Access: How can online learning reach students who
might otherwise not have access? What makes courses inclusive, and
equitable success possible?

Topic 5: Make Online a Strategic Imperative: How might online priorities
be inserted into already-existing initiatives or strategic plans?

Topic 6: Biases related to online: What resistance to online is raised, and
how do we resolve concerns?

Topic 7: Other

ELI Webinar | Carnegie Mellon’s OpenSimon Toolkit: Open Techniques, Tools, Content, and Code for Engineering Learning

In May 2019, Carnegie Mellon University launched OpenSimon, a learning engineering community working to improve learning outcomes for individual learners while collectively advancing our larger understanding of human learning. Central to this effort is the release of the OpenSimon Toolkit. This suite of tools, educational resources, and underlying codebase includes many of the instruments that Carnegie Mellon’s learning scientists invented for their own research and that are being used to improve the quality of courses taught in CMU classrooms today. All together, this collection represents more than a $100-million research and development effort.

This webinar will provide an overview of the OpenSimon project, highlighting toolkit components and presenting case studies of their use; participants will be invited to join the OpenSimon community, with specific opportunities to collaborate and learn more. During the webinar, we will solicit community input on how to best structure future work, training, and collaborative events.


Participants in the webinar will be able to:

  • Learn about the OpenSimon project and the components of the toolkit
  • Relate toolkit components to the learning engineering life cycle and to their own (individual or institution’s) educational needs and challenges
  • Find the toolkit and related information
  • Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate, engage with the larger OpenSimon community, and receive more extensive training and support around the toolkit