TOPkit Past Events – Workshop 2018

Day One: March 14, 2018

9am Registration Check-In & Breakfast
9:15am Welcome
9:45am Opening Keynote: Alexandra M. Pickett
10:45am Break
11:15am Clarifying Roles, Minimizing Misconceptions
Anchalee Ngampornchai, University of Central Florida
11:15am Leveraging TOPkit Open Educational Resources to Enhance Your Online Courses
Jessica Tojo, University of Central Florida
Shelly Wyatt, University of Central Florida
11:15am Effective Faculty Development
Alexandra Bitton-Bailey, University of Florida
Jennifer K. Smith, University of Florida
12pm Lunch
1pm TOPkit Presentation
1pm Improve Content Accessibility through Collaboration and Professional Development
Karla Morris , University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
Steph Fuhr, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
Ricky Zager, University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
1pm Quality Control and Assurance
Amanda Major, University of Central Florida
Charlotte Jones-Roberts, University of Central Florida
1pm How to Maximize use of TOPkit’s Faculty Development Models & Decision Guide
Linda Futch, University of Central Florida
2:30pm Break
3pm Closing Keynote: Dr. Tom Cavanagh
4pm Networking Hour

Day Two: March 15, 2018

9am Welcome & Breakfast
9:10am Creating a Community of Practice in a Self-Paced Learning Environment. 
Sara McCool, University of West Florida  
9:10am Make Online Courses Welcoming to Culturally Diverse Students. 
Jing Wan, University of South Florida
Anchalee Ngampornchai, University of Central Florida
9:10am Sharing Success: A Two-Phased Approach to Online Faculty Professional Development at USFSM
Heidi Schroeder, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee
Amber Lee, University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee
10am Accessibility, Inclusion and UDL walk into a restaurant…
Tina Calandrino, University of Central Florida
10am Future of STEM Labs for Online Students across the SUS
Evangeline Cummings, University of Florida
JoleenCannon, University of Florida
Emma Brady, University of Florida
JoeClark, Florida State University
Baiyun Chen, University of Central Florida
10am Evidence of Impact: Examining Research Opportunities and Challenges on your Campus.
Patsy Moskal, University of Central Florida
Chuck Dziuban, University of Central Florida
10:45am Break
11am Anyone can copy-right? Demystifying the proper use of licensed materials in post-secondary education
James Paradiso, University of Central Florida
Sarah Norris, University of Central Florida
11am Are Your Faculty Members Fully Supported? An Inside look at USF’s Online Course Development/Deployment Process
Brittany Anthony, University of South Florida
Victor Ventor, University of South Florida
11am Making Meaning of the State Quality Initiative
Aimee deNoyelles, University of Central Florida
Amanda Major, University of Central Florida
Dennis Walpole, University of South Florida
12:30pm Lunch & Final Keynote: Dr. Kelvin Thompson