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    Good question. Rubrics to review classroom courses and programs are few and far between. I found two.

    [u][b]Course Review Rubric for F2F Courses with Elements of E-learning[/b][/u]
    New Mexico State University’s “Online Course Design Rubric” [url][/url] was modified from an earlier version of Quality Matters. It contains categories essential to quality design in any modality: Accessibility, Learner Support, Course Technology, Learner Interaction, Resources and Materials, Assessment and Measurement, Learning Objectives, and Course Overview and Introduction.

    [u][b]Program Review Rubric for Blended Programs[/b][/u]
    The OLC Quality Scorecard for Blended Learning Programs [url][/url] provides benchmarks and quality standards for identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement within blended or hybrid or e-learning programs. This was developed in collaboration with experienced educators recognized for their work in the modality. Key categories addressed include: Institutional Support, Technology Support, Course Development and Instructional Design, Course Structure, Teaching and Learning, Faculty Support, Student Support, and Evaluation and Assessment.

    Perhaps someone else knows of other quality review rubrics that are applicable to face-to-face courses and programs.