• Amanda Major replied to the topic Seeing Student Work for Online Math & Science Tests in the forum Topical Discussions 6 years, 9 months ago

    I have encountered a similar request from a faculty member interested in viewing his students’ work on construction management (CM) math problems during proctored examinations with ProctorU. We derived a few of options. The CM faculty member could require that students complete their work electronically on an Excel, Word, or Paint document (or, even, a whiteboard recording) to submit as an assignment on the LMS during the quiz. Or, the faculty could require students to hand write their problem-solving process and scan that document onto their computer to upload as an assignment into the LMS during the proctored quiz-taking period.

    Because the CM faculty member was additionally concerned that students would engage in academic dishonesty by circulating their problem-solving work to other students, we needed to add a step in the proctoring process to discard students’ work. If a student saved his or her work documents electronically, through remote sharing a ProctorU proctor would delete all work documents from a student’s computer. If a student solved problems on paper and scanned, a student would be required to shred the work paper in front of his or her proctor and discard. Additionally, a proctor would also need to delete the saved file from that student’s computer.

    I hope this helps. I would be very interested in hearing other’s ideas about methods enabling faculty to review how students’ arrived at their answers.