• I often draw from my network in the digital learning profession to uncover excellent speakers with a wealth of knowledge in both research and practice. These professionals have a national reputation and have achieved excellence in their careers.
    [ul]Kristen Betts, EdD who is currently a clinical professor at Drexel University and formerly an administrator in digital learning.[/ul]
    [ul]Dr. Olena Zhadko at Lehman College, CUNY is a consummate professional with a variety of expertise, particularly in faculty development.[/ul]
    [ul]Carl Moore, PhD at University District of Columbia has a penchant for strategy and a plethora of experience leading faculty development programs.[/ul]
    [ul]Michelle Miller, PhD authored [i]Minds Online:Teaching Online with Technology[/i] and currently a professor and Northern Arizona University.[/ul]
    [ul]Brian Udermann offers a wicked sense of humor to compliment his expertise. He is a Professor and Director of Online Education at University of Wisconsin–La Crosse.[/ul]
    [ul]Dr. Laurie Hillstock has both expertise in leadership and faculty development in the field of digital learning. She has both a strong presence and personal, approachable facilitation style.[/ul]