• Amanda Major replied to the topic Go with the Flow or Manage the Process in the forum Share an Effective Practice 5 years, 1 month ago


    Thanks for your question about our implementation of agile. I use it for my course redesign work with faculty members and for our TOPkit Outreach efforts. For my work with faculty members, we plan a course module using the method William described, then we develop a module. This gives us a chance to reflect and change our approach or design, creating more efficiencies as we progress through each module in the same method. For the TOPkit Outreach team, it involves a great deal of creative work. As ideas are generated we add them to a backlog. Then, we move priorities forward to production. We have just begun using Trello to help us keep track of these efforts and its completion.

    I, too, am interested in agile project management for digital learning initiatives and organizational development. Let’s keep this dialogue going.